Friday Night Session

The concept of “Friday Night Sessions” is to showcase original music and artists.

A creative hub where East meets West and South meets North in a melting pot of ideas, inspiration, collaboration, musical and artistic outlet.

A place where artists have a platform from which they can evolve and grow.

A place where artists try out new ideas and concepts.

A place where people meet, talk, laugh, drink, socialize, inspire, collaborate, share ideas, and perform.


 If you have something on your mind, be it beautiful, ugly, weird, meaningful, funny, sad or thought-provoking then take to the stage and share it with us.

Sound check just before we kick off at 'Friday Night Sessions' ...

On the event nights, there will be an Open Mic where you can come and test out your material.

It could be any material really, it does not have to be restricted to music only. 


Open Mic will be between 19:30 to 20:30 (max 10 minutes per act, if you would like to come and perform then contact us and pre-book your slot)

Featured bands and artists on the night will go on stage from 20:45. (Each featured act has a 30 minute slot, further information on how to apply click here