Featured Artists 20th September 2019

King With No Throne

Reto and Kasem began making music in Sydney in October 2000. We were called Flying Mouse then and quickly found the sound that we still possess today. We played with a few folks along the way, but when we left Sydney for London King With No Throne was born with a sound that has elements of drum and bass, and Electro-Trance reminiscent of Massive Attack, Portishead and Radiohead.

King With No Throne originated in the lyrics of the song King With No Throne. Irena, a London filmmaker felt this would be a great name for us. We decided to make it our name as the image of a wondering mystical king who imagines and makes worlds from the fountain of his mind. This parallels closely with the way we feel about the creative journey of being music makers and creating sounds that resonate with something wondrous, mysterious and beautiful about life.

Inspiration - Influences: Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Portishead, TheXX , Jeff Buckley, Alt-J, Radiohead, Beatles, Madonna, Prodigy, David Bowie, Cold Play, The Killers, The Editors, Anohni, as well as the Nature and the Universe.


Reto Wittwer - guitar, vocals, keys, composition

Kasem Chouja - drums, composition



"FIRE" - music by King With No Throne --- www.king-with-no-throne.com video by Anachrom Filmproduktion ---www.anachrom.de Production - Anachrom Direction - Martin Jehle & Kasem Chouja Cast - Anne Kristin-Langner Camera & Postproduction - Martin Jehle Visual Effects - Martin Bargiel

"Wonderland"From the band King With No Throne. Visit http://king-with-no-throne.com/. and Director: Irena Dragic and Dirdproductions. Editor: Kasem Chouja. The setting was Oxfam Islington Festival



DAXX, singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Soft yet powerful, dark yet cheeky – DAXX's music lives from carefully chosen contrasts.

The German singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist takes you on a journey into her life, through the nightlife filled with parties and self-doubt, through states of empowerment and helplessness, constantly close to the point where you're getting too close to be comfortable. But the simple, almost self-ironic way of presenting her songs gives even the darkest topic the little twist it needs to stay I your head and keep you excited.




The single GOLDEN GATE was written when DAXX was 16. Though the song does not specifically refer to the refugee situation in 2015, the singer was highly influenced by the political atmosphere back then. When she moved out for college to study Political Science, she discovered her old notebook with the songs she wrote as a teenager, including GOLDEN GATE, and started to play an acoustic version in her first set as a singer songwriter. Now, years later, after moving to London and giving her music career a fresh start, she teamed up with producer Jake Raywood to give the song a new shape and sound, mixing her soft vocals with the urging sound of synth arpeggios and beats to give the listener a feeling of the unsteady and rushed search for something that one will possibly never find. GOLDEN GATE is still a political song in a wider context, at the same time it addresses this feeling inside each of us - searching for a place and home to escape and belong to.



Barry Locke is a singer-songwriter originally from Bangor, Northern Ireland, based in London for the past 6 years. 


February 2018 saw the Release of 

'T O M B S', Barry's debut single which received wide acclaim across many notable music blogs and landed Barry on the 'Ones to Watch' on Apple Music.
June & July 2018 saw the Release of 'I knew The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and 'Home Is Not Your Enemy' which continue to gain steady growth on Spotify and iTunes.
On JULY 5th 2019 Barry's 4th official release arrived. The much awaited 'One Will Make The Jump'. Cited as the 1st track of a trilogy of songs from Barry's as yet unreleased album ' O N E ', OWMTJ is a song about purpose and intention.
It's about driving yourself forwards, pushing back against all of those things that hold you back and to go boldly after your dreams,  and committing to the calling in your heart. In Barry's own words "This song was written 8 years ago and really it was the reason I left Ireland". 
The track also comes with a video which was also released on July 5th. OWMTJ is succeeded by 'One Of These Days',which is available as a live session on YouTube and the previously Released 'Home Is Not Your Enemy'
You can catch up with  Barry on his socials 

Red Rivers - Barry Locke, Live Living Room Session 

One Will Make The Jump - Is a song about going boldly in the direction of your 'dreams'

One Of These Days - Barry Locke, Live Living Room Session. Thanks for all the help Daryl Legge & Richard Sherwood



on&off is a collaborative performance project between artists Nikolai Kozin and Martin Lau.

Nikolai creates live animated drawings accompanied by noise/soundscapes produced by Martin, with each element being improvised in response to the other.

Experimental electronic sounds with the flute, providing the audio element in the A/V performance project "on&off". Visual artist 


Synth and flute: Martin Lau 

Animation and visual art: Nikolai Kozin

on&off - Viaduct - synth/flute with Tagtool

on&off Tagtool/synth/flute improvisation